Re: nautilus vs. gnome-settings-daemon "race"

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

> 	I've forgotten the history already, but isn't the only reason
> gsm is launching g-s-d is that bonobo-activation does an unset
> SESSION_MANAGER ? Or was there something else ? An explanatory comment
> in gsm-gsd.c for future reference would be nice ...

Avoiding any other comment on this thread, gnome-settings-daemon
really needs to be launched _first_, before any other apps.

Otherwise, all the apps on the desktop will quite likely have
to do one or more "theme switches" when g-s-d starts up, which
is not conducive to a fast and attractive startup.

(It's a little more obscure to me why g-s-d is being launched via
Bonobo; I think its so that everybody can try to start g-s-d
without race conditions; a shotgun approach to try and avoid
not having g-s-d running...)


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