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Havoc Pennington wrote:

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:
I'd like to get this merged in upstream. These are changes against
gnome-panel, gnome-vfs and gnome-vfs-extras (not in the current patches
for gnome-vfs-extras).

It adds a "connect to server" menu item to the actions menu, so you just
have to enter your url, and nautilus will connect to it.

What's the difference between this and typing "smb://foo" into the Run

Maybe instead of network: it should be shares: or something? And the
menu item "Open File Shares" or "Open Shared Disks" or something like
that. Or "Open Location" more generally?

Maybe a "Shared Files" link next to Home Folder in applications:, or
in start-here, would be a better way to do the browsing?

To me it makes sense to have Open Location somewhere that opens any
URI, and then a shortcut to the network: URI specifically somewhere
(but as a button in Open Location doesn't seem logical).

Just some random thoughts, I didn't look at the code.
This sounds very similar to the Windows "My Network Places" virtual folder (hate the name, but like the functionality). It is basically a way to store links to often used file shares, computers, webdav servers, etc. To add a link/shortcut into the network places folder on windows, there is an "Add network place" icon in the folder itself, which is nice as it associates the action of adding the icons with the window where the icon will appear. Maybe this would be a good idea for hadess's network: folder.


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