Re: Suggestion: Link metacity and gnome-system-monitor

On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 06:25:56PM +0200, Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> El sáb, 13-07-2002 a las 18:15, Mark Finlay escribió:
> > I think that it would be really useful if metacity had a default
> > keybinding to bring up the gnome-system-monitor.
> > 
> > When a program crashes most user's habitual behavior is to press
> > ALT+CTRL+DEL - at the moment they then realise that that does nothing
> > and go looking for a way to kill the app. It would be a lot more
> > intritive, IMHO, if ALT+CTRL+DEL ran the system-monitor.
> It's not so intuitive. It's the windows way. I don't like it because
> it's the same keybinding to reboot a server (from text mode).
> For example, the macos way it's better here (IMHO) but we can use other
> one, of course. They use ALT+Apple key+ESC, we can use, for example,
> Ctr+Alt+Esc

Yes KDE uses Ctrl+Alt+Esc to change the cursor to the 'pirate' and kills (XKill)
the client the user clicks on. This is a really nice although somewhat dangerus
feature. I have a similar thing on my desktop as a sawfish extenstion.

For discussion of the real purpose of ctrl-alt-del or such things have a look

The kill cursor as seen in KDE and maybe MacOS is a nice thing to have. A
keyboard shortcut for gnome-system-monitor could be nice too, but is that really
a feature for the window manager? I'd say if some part of the desktop would
provide a generic way to start programs on key combos would be more useful(maybe
with a default for g-system-monitor)

just my .02 Euro,
Martin H.

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