Re: Suggestion: Link metacity and gnome-system-monitor

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Chris Chabot wrote:

That would be easely done on a distribution level. On linux take a look at /etc/inittab, specificly this part:

   ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now

Now, replace the command line with something like
   DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor

Then u'd be all set. However i think this is something a distribution vendor should do, and not gnome by default

Mark Finlay wrote:

I think that it would be really useful if metacity had a default
keybinding to bring up the gnome-system-monitor.

When a program crashes most user's habitual behavior is to press
ALT+CTRL+DEL - at the moment they then realise that that does nothing
and go looking for a way to kill the app. It would be a lot more
intritive, IMHO, if ALT+CTRL+DEL ran the system-monitor.

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