Re: Suggestion: Link metacity and gnome-system-monitor

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net> writes:

> I think that it would be really useful if metacity had a default
> keybinding to bring up the gnome-system-monitor.
> When a program crashes most user's habitual behavior is to press
> ALT+CTRL+DEL - at the moment they then realise that that does nothing
> and go looking for a way to kill the app. It would be a lot more
> intritive, IMHO, if ALT+CTRL+DEL ran the system-monitor.

You have noticed, right, that if you click the close button
and the app is unresponsive, then metacity gives you the
option to terminate the application? 

This is done "the right way" -

 a) It uses the NET_WM_PING protocol so that applications that
    are intentionally ignoring close won't get killed.

 b) It uses kill() to kill the process rather than XKillClient(),
    which might destroy the window but leave the process running.

So, I think that certainly reduces the need for system monitor


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