Re: Fifth-toe list (was Re: [Usability]thoughts on ui-review for fifth toe)

On 11 Jul 2002, Luis Villa wrote:

> This discussion (what is in fifth toe) needs to be on a wider list than
> usability@; please strip usability@ from the replies to this particular
> branch of the thread.
> This list generally looks OK to me, but a question: who gets to veto
> things from this list with a 'this is not up to GNOME standards' note?
> For example, to the best of my knowledge, xchat will never conform to
> the HIG, and Rachel has had no time to do anything with metatheme to
> bring it up to the stability/functionality standards we've set in the
> core release. Do those things matter for fifth toe?

I think the guidelines can / need to be more relaxed for the 5th toe apps.
They should still follow some level of guidelines so they would have the
same look and feel, but we can't expect the same from these as from full
blown desktop components. Works reasonably without crashing is not really
a requirement we can do away with, though.

> Relatedly, do we want to include only 'stable' releases of gtk2-ported
> apps? i.e., should gimp be in if our choice is a gtk1.4 version or an
> unstable devel version? Or should we just leave it out until it is
> stable?

gnome2 5th toe should only contain things that compile/link against the
gnome2 libraries, not gnome 1.4 libraries. Installing gnome2 plaform /
desktop / 5th toe should not bring libraries of the old (and unsupported)
previous platform. 

The list needs to be cullable - things that don't make it get removed -
but i think its too early to remove things based on "won't make it".

> Some thoughts-
> Luis

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