Re: GStreamer CVS (was Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots)

On 8 Jul 2002, Christian Rose wrote:

> I don't think that it's realistic to have GStreamer as a core GNOME
> component outside of GNOME cvs. Think of documentators and translators.
> Just considering translators there are at least 40 different language
> teams, and there should be at least one in each team with cvs access.
> That means at least 40 additional cvs accounts just for translators...
> plus the additional overhead of maintaining them and adding them in
> parallel to GNOME cvs.

Good point - its a pain to have to pull sources from multiple cvs
repositories, and all the translation team leads would need to get a new
cvs account to check the translations in. I think "part of gnome" (as
opposed to "dependnancy for gnome" components should use gnome cvs as the
main cvs.

> Christian


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