Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices

Gregory Merchan <merchan baton phys lsu edu> said:

> Nautilus has over 900 bugs open which are not marked as enhancement 

Oh do we know, and many new bugs are just old dupes :)

> Here are two design choices which made could help resolve bugs. I list an
> advantage and two disadvantages for each. I hope that those replying will
> extend the lists and eventually a conclusion can be reached.
>   Should Nautilus use internal views of non-folder content?
>     This is using components such as eog, gnome-gv, and galeon within a
>     nautilus window instead of opening one of those as a toplevel window.
>     In other words, should a nautilus window ever have a view of something
>     which cannot be reasonably presented as a collection of labelled icons?
>     Advantage:
>       Fewer open windows.
>     Disadvantages:
>       When the view changes the menus also change, more so than in a
>         web browser.
>       The window will contain a mix of menus, some of which apply to
>         Nautilus generally and some which apply to the item in view.

People seem to like the views, so i think they should definately stay. That 
said I think views for the most files (exception being the file manager ones)
should be provided by other apps instead of by nautilus (I'm thinking the 
html view, which i hope will be replaced with a galeon view when galeon2 is 
more stable, that said when i last used the galeon2 view a few weeks ago it 
was pretty good). Also I don't think the nautilus ui should be comprimised 
for the sake of views, ie. nautilus should not be turned into a web browser, 
but should be aimed at being a desktop shell/file manager choose whichever 
term you prefer.

>   Should Nautilus support browser-style navigation?
>     This is the mode where opening a folder from an icon view replaces the
>     set of icons viewed with those in the newly opened folder.
>     This is not MacOS or OS/2 "tunneling" where a folder is opened and its
>     parent folder is closed. This does not apply to a multi-column view as
>     in NeXT or a detail tree view as in MacOS Finder's outliner mode.
>     Advantage:
>       Fewer open windows.
>     Disadvantages:
>       Because of window size and position changes spatial relationships
>         are lost.
>       Back, foward, up, down, history, and so forth need to be supported.

Are you basically refering to single window mode. I use this all the time. 
The browser arrows are very useful especially when using nautilus for remote 
locations (ie. ftp if it worked well). 


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