GStreamer CVS (was Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots)

sön 2002-07-07 klockan 17.05 skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller:
> > This reminds me - we need to be thinking about getting these apps into
> > the GNOME 2.2 release process. Well, probably we should first be sure
> > there's consensus to include them (I'm in favor of it personally).
> > 
> > If these are part of gnome it will be our first major gnome piece
> > that's not in our CVS/bugzilla - which complicates tinderbox and
> > Luis's life, perhaps.
> Actually we moved to GNOME Bugzilla shortly after GUADEC. Also we are
> willing to give CVS access to any GNOME hackers who want it. (Actually
> most of us considers ourselves GNOME hackers even if mostly working on
> GStreamer, hope there is no objections to that from the wider GNOME
> community :) 

I don't think that it's realistic to have GStreamer as a core GNOME
component outside of GNOME cvs. Think of documentators and translators.
Just considering translators there are at least 40 different language
teams, and there should be at least one in each team with cvs access.
That means at least 40 additional cvs accounts just for translators...
plus the additional overhead of maintaining them and adding them in
parallel to GNOME cvs.


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