GStreamer CVS (was Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots)

sön 2002-07-07 klockan 16.40 skrev Havoc Pennington:
> > Here is two shots I just made in preparation of the GStreamer based
> > Media Player.
> This reminds me - we need to be thinking about getting these apps into
> the GNOME 2.2 release process. Well, probably we should first be sure
> there's consensus to include them (I'm in favor of it personally).
> If these are part of gnome it will be our first major gnome piece
> that's not in our CVS/bugzilla - which complicates tinderbox and
> Luis's life, perhaps.

Yes. I would love for Gstreamer to become a part of GNOME, but I think
moving it to GNOME cvs is a practical requirement for that (think of
documenters and translators).
That's also what's been done in the past as far as I know for outside
projects becoming a part of GNOME, even though it was in a smaller scale
(I'm thinking of the battstat applet).


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