Re: GNOME 2.0.x and 2.x: The List

Hi all,

first of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this excellent G2D release !

I read the bug-lists sent by Luis and I can't find one of the most
annoying bug in Nautilus or gnome-vfs.

Trying to connect to ftp://user:pwd host, some directories are invisible
and double-clicking on one of them pops-up an alert displaying :

Couldn't find "ftp://user:pwd host/thedirectory". Check the spelling and
try again.

Is it a known bug (couldn't find it in bugzilla) ?

And, if possible, may I remind a lack of feature in gnome-vfs : support
for smb (it previously was in gnome-vfs-extras shipped by Ximian).

Thank you,
CÚdric Marcone
MDEO France - Lyon
Techno Center
(+33) 4 72 07 92 93

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