GNOME 2.0.x and 2.x: The List

The bad news: So, I've not completed the 2.0.1 triage in the same way I
did for 2.0.0, but I'm getting there. So any links in this email are
mainly preliminary.

The good news: there are, as of right now, no 'new' showstoppers for
2.0.1. There are some old ones (drag and drop in nautilus, for example)
and there are a few closed 'new' ones from 2.0.0 that are already fixed,
like crashing in the font selector. But because of all of the hard, hard
work we put in there are basically no new serious bugs that we didn't
already know about that were revealed by 2.0.0 release.[1] That's a huge
quality step for us, and everyone involved even minimally in 

So, the 2.0.1 list is mostly right now 'best to fix' with a bit of 'most
important to fix' thrown in. As we get closer to release it'll start to
resemble a 'must fix' list a lot more closely, esp. if we have serious
regressions. But for right now, it's just the first cut at a 'these
would be best to fix' list.[2]

Without further ado, links:

*2.0.1 bugs: [i.e., the list list]

*2.0.2 bugs: [i.e., the 'would sure be nice' list)

*GNOME2 bugs with patches: [i.e., the 'why aren't maintainers looking at
and applying patches, huh, huh?' list]

*high priority string bugs: [i.e., the 'damn well better get fixed
before the 19th' list]

*the big 'ol pile 'o bugs: [i.e., the 'superset of all high priority
GNOME2 bugs, including 2.0.1' list]

Note that this last list needs love- even if you aren't likely to be
able to fix them, it may be worth reading some of them (particularly
crashers) to see if they are still reproduceable and useful. 

Anyway, hope this list gets everyone started on things. I hope to finish
the full scale triage next Monday, but in the meantime, this is a good
first cut. 

Hope these lists help focus folks-

[1] there are lots of small ones, of course- just nothing earth-shaking.
[2] note, like I said, that the triage is not yet complete, so /please/
don't send tons of 'but why isn't this on the 2.0.1 list' emails quite
yet. That day will come, soon. But not yet :) 

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