Re: GNOME 2.0.x and 2.x: The List

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 18:05, Luis Villa wrote: 
> The bad news: So, I've not completed the 2.0.1 triage in the same way I
> did for 2.0.0, but I'm getting there. So any links in this email are
> mainly preliminary.
> The good news: there are, as of right now, no 'new' showstoppers for
> 2.0.1. There are some old ones (drag and drop in nautilus, for example)
> and there are a few closed 'new' ones from 2.0.0 that are already fixed,
> like crashing in the font selector. But because of all of the hard, hard
> work we put in there are basically no new serious bugs that we didn't
> already know about that were revealed by 2.0.0 release.[1] That's a huge
> quality step for us, and everyone involved even minimally in 
> So, the 2.0.1 list is mostly right now 'best to fix' with a bit of 'most
> important to fix' thrown in. As we get closer to release it'll start to
> resemble a 'must fix' list a lot more closely, esp. if we have serious
> regressions. But for right now, it's just the first cut at a 'these
> would be best to fix' list.[2]

An attempt to use GNOME 2.0.0 without the mouse will turn up some nasty 
deadends.  Depending on what release we want to target for "functioning keynav", 
these might climb in urgency/criticality.  Some of this may fold in logically 
with the UI review.  At the moment a 'mouse free' user won't be able to use
GNOME effectively or perhaps at all.  Unfortunately some of these problems seem 
to be regressions.


> Without further ado, links:
> *2.0.1 bugs: [i.e., the list list]
> *2.0.2 bugs: [i.e., the 'would sure be nice' list)
> *GNOME2 bugs with patches: [i.e., the 'why aren't maintainers looking at
> and applying patches, huh, huh?' list]
> *high priority string bugs: [i.e., the 'damn well better get fixed
> before the 19th' list]
> *the big 'ol pile 'o bugs: [i.e., the 'superset of all high priority
> GNOME2 bugs, including 2.0.1' list]
> Note that this last list needs love- even if you aren't likely to be
> able to fix them, it may be worth reading some of them (particularly
> crashers) to see if they are still reproduceable and useful. 
> Anyway, hope this list gets everyone started on things. I hope to finish
> the full scale triage next Monday, but in the meantime, this is a good
> first cut. 
> Hope these lists help focus folks-
> Luis
> [1] there are lots of small ones, of course- just nothing earth-shaking.
> [2] note, like I said, that the triage is not yet complete, so /please/
> don't send tons of 'but why isn't this on the 2.0.1 list' emails quite
> yet. That day will come, soon. But not yet :) 
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