Re: Suggestions for Bugzilla - Subject Keywords

The correct way to do this, really, is tracking bugs. A multiplicity of
keywords makes it too hard to find the important ones, and not useful
enough for the people who need to use keywords. I admit it's a fine
line, and I guess I'm open to persuasion. But mostly I think it's better
for things like menu-editing to just have tracking bugs that link
against the relevant bugs. It's more fine grained and more useful that
way. [And yes, having a 'tracker' keyword for all tracking bugs, and a
list of all tracking bugs based on that keyword, would probably be a
good thing.]


On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 07:10, Mike Martin wrote:
> An idea I have had for more control over bug-reporting / qerying is
> to expand the use of subject keywords
> What really made me start thinking of this is the whole thing with
> menu-editing
> This had bugs filed against 
> Gnome-vfs
> gnome-panel
> nautilus
> eel
> gnome-desktop
> control-center
> and probably a few others
> This of course made it harder to track the issues
> My idea would be that we could have standard category Keywords with a
> lookup on the bugzilla page
> Initial thoughts
> Appearance
> Configuration
> User preferences
> File management
> Window behaviour
> Then these could be added either by the reporter or the Triager
> What do people think
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