Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

On 1 Jul 2002, Daniel McKee wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 05:34, Calum Benson wrote:
> > Seth Nickell wrote:
> > 
> > > We discussed making Preferences a top-level item. While on the one hand
> > > this is obviously a more coherent arrangement since we aren't
> > > incorrectly classifying preferences as an Application, it pushes
> > > Preferences to more prominence than I think is really necessary. I
> > > originally pushed for this idea and Calum (I think it was Calum?)
> > > convinced me that Preferences didn't really need to be promoted that
> > > much.
> > 
> > Hmm, don't think it was me, I'd be happy enough to see them under their
> > own menu... if nothing else to flesh out the menu bar a bit because only
> > having two menus looks kind of puny :)  
> I agree
> > 
> > One problem might be a confusion about what a "Preferences" menu at the
> > top of the screen referred to.  (Novice) users might feel the need to
> > look there to change preferences for their current app, I dunno.
> How about a menu like "Gnome Preferences"? Too wide of a menu name? or
> "Gnome Prefs"?

	Hmm... I think it's ok to show that much self estime and call the 
(GNOME) preferences menu in the _GNOME panel_ just "Preferences". Would be 
different for an application outside of the GNOME project which imports 
this menu...

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