Re: bug 86235 and 86241

On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 19:27, Satyajit wrote:
> Hi Jaka,
> I tried ggv and I got the same crash also.
> I tried doing some manipulation  and here is one
> of my stupid manipulation.  I  just moved  the
> bonobo_ui_component_object_set() in ggv-postscript-view.c
> after  the _freeze and _thaw.  And guess I am not getting the
> crash. I am attaching it with the mail (I won't call it a patch )
> Can you test this or this is just a dumb idea  :)
it seems to have worked and fixed GGV - it really doesn't crash for me
anymore. thanks.

however, this just doesn't seem right to me and looks like a bug
somewhere in the ORBit/bonobo part of the universe - michael, can you
explain this behaviour?

also I remember this crash occuring occasionally even before I
introduced the freeze/thaw calls, so GGV might still segfault for some



email: jaka gnu org

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