Some silly things

Hi there,

GNOME 2.0 is out and I have some things to say.. ;)

1. File-selector. AFAIK it was pushed back to 2.x: Can anyone tell me
the current (if any) plans on a new file-selector?

2. Maybe I should fill a bugreport on that but I wanted to ask first.
Concerning the current window list behaviour: When task-grouping occours
and I click on a grouped-tasks button, a nice little menu apprears with
all windows in this group. To open a window in the group, I have to
click the appropriate entry in the menu. 

My proposal: clic on a grouped-tasks button raises the last focused
window (in this group) and the menu. Theory of least surprise; clicks on
other task buttons also raise a window. And it is faster.

3. I still enjoy GNOME. I also like the new, simplified 2.0 release and
the minimized configuration-options. The improved my productivity since
I can't play around with the options anymore.

4. I finaly started gtk/gnome programming. I'm playing around with a
Character-creation-utility for a free roleplaying system. These must be
cold days in hell.


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