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It's probably too late to mention this, and I have no idea how sounds in
GNOME 2 are being implemented, but I wanted to point out that sounds in
GNOME 1.x are very broken.  GNOME 2 should have a different architecture
for deciding when to play events.

In GNOME 1.x, gnome-libs hooks to events on GTK+ objects which fire when
certain signals are received.  This is broken because applications also
use these signals to alter internal states.  A good example of the
problem can be found in AbiWord.  Simply turn sound events on, and load
AbiWord with a document that has some level of formatting.  (Bold,
italics, underlines, right alignment, center alignment, etc.)  Skim
through the document using the arrow keys.  As you pass over formatting,
sound events play!  I've seen documents that, when loaded, unleash 8 or
9 sound events in AbiWord right away.

Sounds on widgets should only play on user activated events. 

On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 14:59, Richard Hestilow wrote:
> Ok, I'll be adding that back into libgnome/libgnomeui within a few days.
> Thanks.
> -- Richard
> On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 14:57, George wrote:
> > Sounds are definately needed.  What is missing is the few implementation
> > functions from gnome-libs1.  I meant to add then when readding gnome-sound,
> > but never got to it.  However since it doesn't change the API, we can add it
> > now.
> > 
> > Clicky sounds are most definately needed, they are cool.
> > 
> > George
> > 
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