Re: Question

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

Doh, yeah.  I blame it on not having TFM to read.  I'll rebuild packages
and upload. [..]
Cool.  I'll have to get you some instructions on how to submit these as
patches, and the few bits of auto* magic that we can/should use.

If you could wait a day or two with your package rebuilding, i'd gladly submit the changes i've made to the spec files. I've used your spec files as a basis this, as you requested during the last itiration.

Changes involve:

- Fixed %find_lang where broken
- Updated all versions to latest (as of 21 feb) available
- Fixed %files lists for a whole lot of spec files (detected missing files using a tool that compares rpm / make install files) - New spec files for newly release gnome2 apps (gnumeric, libole2, gal2, gnome-terminal gnome-desktop/panel/session, nautilus-moz/gtkhtml, libgda, gnome-db, etc.. in short everything in pre-gnome2/sources)
- New Requires / BuildRequires lists autogenerated from files.
- Added missing .schemas files (& install of..), removed no longer present spec files

I've build & verified all these rpm's on several boxes, and it's
aproaching a 'near perfect' level, and should help a lot with
beta testing for the gnome 2 platform.

All i have left on my todo list, is to check what packages need to
call scrollkeeper-update, and reformat the headers to s/tabs/spaces.

If you want i can either give you the spec files now without the 2
above changes, or if you can wait 1 or 2 days, i can give them with
the above 2 changes.

After that, if you can give me some pointers on how you want patches,
and how i should do the magic to generate the correct
spec files from configure, i'll gladly submit the patches for all
the gnome2 packages.

(however it might be good to get proper rpm's on before
we embark on the patching, so people can start testing).

Could you give me an indication which aproach you'd prefer, so i can work towards it, instead of spending my time on things you might not find as usefull ;-)

	-- Chris Chabot

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