Re: Question

Browsing thru the spec files for the RPM's that had these errors, i noticed they had a "%find_lang %name", however for a lot of packages this is invalid.. (ie for control-center this should be control-center-2.0).

As soon as i fixed this up in the spec files, everything worked perfectly again. Was just clueless if the files were explicitly left out or that it was a bug... turns out the later is the case ;-)

	-- Chris

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 06:19, Chris Chabot wrote:

Hey guys, a (lame) question, what are .mo files?

I have made a little tool to scan .rpm's for missing files, and a lot of .mo files are showing up in the localised dir's.. Should these be included in a binary distribution or should they be specificly excluded?

Are these not showing up even when you use the find_lang script in RPM? It could be that rpm/glibc doesn't know about those languages, or
somesuch like that.

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