Re: Question

On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 04:53, Chris Chabot wrote:
> Ok, it took a bit of trial and error since im not rpm building tools 
> expert yet. But the behaviour as i described below is perfectly explainable.
> The "%find_lang %name" macro actualy looks for /usr/locale/*/*/ 
> files, and adds these to the list.

Ah, yay!  /me flames Jeff for not having any docs on this.

> As i mentioned as an example, the control-center spec had a
> %find_lang %name
> entry, which tried to look for /usr/locale/*/*/ files. 
> Which ofcource _do not_ exist.
> If you change this to %find_lang %name-2.0, it will find the 
> files, and add them to the RPM as it should...
> This kinda messup is unfortunatly true for quite a few of the spec files 
> on

Doh, yeah.  I blame it on not having TFM to read.  I'll rebuild packages
and upload.

> As i mentioned before (In a lot of private emails which you seem so keen 
> to ignore), ive made some tools to detect missing files in RPM's, 

You really -are- a troll, aren't you?  ;-)  Personal emails to me take a
low second priority to mailing list emails.  If you want it answered,
send it to the list.  I've read the emails, and will reply just as soon
as I get time.  

> auto-generate dependency list for the RPM's based on the 
> macro's, and i'm doing some general cleaning. (Using these tools, i 
> noticed quite a few .a / .la / .so files, gtk docs, man pages and 
> pixmaps  missing from our spec files as well.. im fixing this up as we 
> speak. Should make for a whole lot more usable RPM's ;-))

Cool.  I'll have to get you some instructions on how to submit these as
patches, and the few bits of auto* magic that we can/should use.  

Portland, Oregon, USA.

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