Re: Sawfish Capplet

I really think we should first get the capplet up, running (and working
propely) with teh present lisp configuration things and *then* start
lopoking at moving sawfish to use gconf.

After all, a swafish configuration capplet that uses gconf is pretty
useless until sawfish *itself* has switched to gconf...

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, JeyaSudha wrote:

> Hi,
> As I tried to bring up sawfish capplet in gnome2, i got hands in sawfish
> capplet code . I removed the  libcapplet related stuffs from sawmill-capplet.c
> and made some changes . Then sawfish-capplet started coming up properly in the
> gnome2-control-center.
> Libcapplet calls removed:
> #include <capplet-widget.h>
> capplet_widget_state_changed(CAPPLET_WIDGET)(capplet), TRUE);
> capplet=capplet_widget_new();
> gnome_capplet_init("sawfish-properties", SAWFISH_VERSION,  argc, argv,
> options,  0,NULL);
> capplet_gtk_main()
> I also removed the sawfish lisp related functions sawmill_help, sawmill_revert
> sawmill-ok
> and other similar functions. I also removed the following lines
> sprintf(buff, "%ld", long  (GDK_WINDOW_XWINDOW(ui_socket->window));
> argv[i++]="--socket-id";
> argv[i++]=buf;
> I added the following lines:
> capplet= gtk_dialog_new();
> initresults  = gnome_program_init("sawfish-properties", SAWFISH_VERSION,
> gtk_main();
> Please tell me if this is correct?
> If so i will start doing changes to store the sawfish configuration settings
> using gconf.
> Thanks,
> JeyaSudha.
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