Removing deprecated calls, porting to gconf (Re: Sawfish Capplet)

Sander Vesik <sv117949 ireland sun com> writes:
> I really think we should first get the capplet up, running (and working
> propely) with teh present lisp configuration things and *then* start
> lopoking at moving sawfish to use gconf.
> After all, a swafish configuration capplet that uses gconf is pretty
> useless until sawfish *itself* has switched to gconf...

I think we should put a moratorium on all porting to GConf, and all
big deprecation patches, before 2.0.0, unless the deprecation patches
are required to fix a bug.

Moreover cf. my earlier mail about how to do session management; I do
NOT want to see a bunch of session state in GConf; in fact I've come
to think it's an even worse idea than I thought it was last time I
ranted about it. Session state should be on the command line, or in

I'd kind of like to see all SM patches to be sure they are doing the
right thing; if SM is not done correctly, it is better to avoid
connecting to the session manager.

Wipro guys - can you please consider both of these points. We need
people to fix bugs in bugzilla, we do NOT need to
s/gtk_signal_connect/g_signal_connect/ at this point in time, and
moving to GConf for a package is a major new project, NOT something
that makes sense for 2.0.


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