Re: [patch] gnome_desktop_item_new_from_string

On 2/21/02 4:05 AM, "Mark McLoughlin" <mark skynet ie> wrote:

> Also, you've quite a few string changes in there, could you
> either kill the changes or go through the proccess with the release
> team of getting them approved?

I guess I'll kill the string changes -- there aren't as many as it looks
like from the diff (many strings just moved around in the source file, and
didn't actually change), and I can figure out how to eliminate the few that
are actually changes.

>     could you add rb->buf_needs_free = FALSE for clarity?

Will do. Is it OK if it's a comment rather than a line of compiled code?

>    your indentation has gone a bit wonky here :)

That's actually just a mailer artifact.

    -- Darin

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