Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!


   Thanks a lot for the clear explanation on the issues surrounding the
delays on the platform.  I never thought this was a problem that was
caused by Sun at all, and I am sorry if my message came across
implicating this.

   As I said before, I am mostly interested in us sticking as much as
possible to the plan for GNOME 2, and not re-architecting, re-doing
parts of GNOME 2 before GNOME 2 releases.

   GNOME 2 is not the last release, there will be a GNOME 2.1, and 2.2,
and 2.asmuchaspeoplecare releases with incremental updates I would
hope.  Getting the new development platform out seems like a worth goal
keeping in mind, before we jump into replacing existing components. 

   Anyways, I defer to the release team.  And my offer to port g-t to
the 2.x platform using Gconf still stands.



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