Re: Parse error as GtkOldEditable is deprecated

Deepa <deepa chacko wipro com> writes:

> I used these flags for compilation:
> Now, I find that even if you define it to 0, ifdef will take it to be
> defined.  One has to use the -U flag to undefine a macro.
> Shouldn't it be
> #endif
> instead of
> #endif
> If it is the first way then one can unset it by -DGTK_ENABLE_BROKEN=0?

Try -UGTK_ENABLE_BROKEN. (Well, actually, it defaults to off, so there
should be no need to do that.)

In general, we use #ifdef not #if for conditionals of this type, and
I think trying to support both will just muddy the waters and confuse


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