Re: Parse error as GtkOldEditable is deprecated

I used these flags for compilation:

Now, I find that even if you define it to 0, ifdef will take it to be
defined.  One has to use the -U flag to undefine a macro.

Shouldn't it be


instead of


If it is the first way then one can unset it by -DGTK_ENABLE_BROKEN=0?


Owen Taylor wrote:

> Deepa <deepa chacko wipro com> writes:
> > Hi
> >
> > I am trying to build libraries (libgnome-desktop, libpanel-applet) with
> > set to true. Facing parse errors in gtktext.h.
> >
> > gtktext.h is using a deprecated structure GtkOldEditable, which is
> > defined in gtkoldeditable.h. Everything in gtkoldeditable.h is defined
> > within #ifndef GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED. gtk.h is including gtktext.h.
> > When I compile libpanel-applet with GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED set to TRUE,
> > it gives the following error:
> There are two levels of deprecation in GTK+:
> #endif
> And:
> #endif
> The second level is a much stronger level than the first level;
> it means that the feature is known not to work properly and has
> only been left for temporary porting purposes.
> GtkText is protected by GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN.
> It looks like to get the above errors you are compiling with:

> Which is nonsensical. ("I want the really broken stuff, but not
> the stuff thta is just going to go away in a few years...")
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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