Alpha 2 build: sawfish: wants not available imlib 1.9.12 ?


after Chris Chabot kindly pointed me to to get rep-gtk to build
(went fine) I immediately ran into the next sawfish problem:

sawfish/configure failed almost immediately, so I tried the same remedy
as for rep-gtk (aclocal; autoconf; configure --prefix=foo). This got
configure to run until it stopped on imlib: found 1.9.11 but wanted
1.9.12. Well there doesn't seem to be such a thing, has a LATEST-IS-1.9.11 and
/pub/GNOME/unstable/sources has no imlib at all.
I tried to change the check in configure to be satisfied with 1.9.11,
but then make failed with undefined references. Hmmmmmm?

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