Re: [Usability]Re: GNOME personas

>  - there's some room to design for some users first, and some users
>    later. For example, I think we might be looking at office users
>    with a sysadmin handy first, and home users later. For this
>    exercise, we want to pick 3 personas to be primary *now*.

I would be wary of constricting the short-term GNOME audience like this.
I cannot see why it would be anything but advantageous to do our best to
design for all personas, without the "We don't need to worry about this
being confusing to Steve, he's not a primary persona" attitude that
could arise by having primary personas.

Even if we do design for primary personas over other personas, I do not
recall any foundation consensus that GNOME is aimed more at
office/business users in the short-term than home desktop users. Can
anyone point me to a thread or minutes where this decision was made, or
was it just a hypothetical example?


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