gtk1 theme / gnome2 theme preferences

Hey guys, i'm kinda wondering whats up nowadays with the theme settings of gnome2.

First of all, the newer gnome-control-center app crashes when you try to start it up.. Making it a manual job trying to switch themes.

Secondly, every time i start my x session, my .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 file (which is new to me) gets overwritten, thus my hacked-in bluecurve theme selection is nuked.. revering gtk1 & mozilla back to its default look..

I've written a work-around-script for moz (resets rc file every time i start up mozilla) but this hardly seems to be 'the right way' to do things ;-)

I'm running a 'clean' rh8 + gnome 2.1.4 (build custom rpm's, no lib confusions or old rh8 versions to be found; I did modify the distro so it doesnt require qt/kde and gnome-libs1.4 anymore)

Is there a 'clear vision' for the future how this stuff should be solved? It would seem silly to require old gtk1/gnome1.4 libs&apps to set the theme for those few legacy applications.

	-- Chris

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