gnome-panel, -session and -desktop 2.1.5


* What are they ?

	gnome-panel contains the GNOME panel which the area
on your desktop from which you can run applications and
applets, and perform other tasks.

	gnome-session contains the GNOME session manager, the GNOME
session manager configuration program and several other session
management related utilities and the GNOME session manager proxy,
which handles basic session management for applications that do not
support XSMP.

	gnome-desktop contains the libgnome-desktop library
which contains APIs that really belong in libgnome[ui] but
have not seen enough testing or development to be considered
stable. It also contains documents installed as part of the
core GNOME distribution, e.g. the GPL, GNOME's .desktop files,
the gnome-about program, some manpages and GNOME's core graphics
files and icons.

* What's changed ?
gnome-panel 2.1.5


	* Allow all drawer drag and drop operations to be performed on the
	  drawer's button (Mark)
	* Make gnome-panel-preferences notice gconf changes (Mark)
	* Fix issue with invisible launchers on transparent panels (Arvind)
	* Allow show/hide panel buttons to be themed (Raj)
	* Be even more robust in the case of applet loading failures (Mark)
	* Fix rare icon load related crash (Mark)
	* Fix crash when moving applets between panels (Mark)
	* Fix crash with the run dialog's disclosure widget (Arvind)


	* Allow clock/date order to be translated (Mark, Toshi)

Fish Applet

	* Typo fix (Mark)
	* Add bugzilla attributes for bug-buddy (Fernando Herrera)


	* Require gnome-desktop >= 2.1.4 (Frederic)
	* Add startup notification flag to .desktop files (Dennis Cranston)


	* Andras Timar, Christophe Merlet, Hasbullah Bin Pit,
	  Kjartan Maraas, Ole Laursen and Pauli Virtanen.

gnome-session 2.1.5


	* Add startup notification flag to .desktop files (Dennis Cranston)


	* Christian Neumair, Christophe Merlet, Hasbullah Bin Pit,
	  Kostas Papadimas and Vincent van Adrighem.

gnome-desktop 2.1.5


	* Hasbullah Bin Pit, Christian Neumair, Christophe Merlet, 
	  Ole Laursen, Miloslav Trmac, Pablo Saratxaga and
	  Pauli Virtanen.

* Where can I get them ?


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