Heads up: Buggy nautilus 2.(.1.x?) interaction with NVIDIA drivers 4191

Hey guys, just a quick heads-up on some weird interaction between nautilus 2 and nvidia's new driver revision (4191).

When using nautilus to draw the desktop, moving around windows, or switching desktop is dog-slow (i'm talking seconds before a moved window is redrawn)

When killing nautilus, but leaving the desktop background, everything is working as it should be again. Donno if any of the developers are running nautilus 2.x.x and nvidia's binary drivers, if so, might be worth taking a look whats going on. So far the only often heard complaint about nvidia's new drivers is with interaction w/ nautilus 2.. so either nautilus is doing something buggy, or triggers a bug in nvidia drivers

i verified this behaviour running CVS XFree86 & nautilus 2.1.4, but i saw many reports from ppl running vanilla redhat 8.0 having the exact same behaviour.

	-- Chris

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