Re: Heads up: Buggy nautilus 2.(.1.x?) interaction with NVIDIA drivers 4191

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 11:04, Chris Chabot wrote:
> Hey guys, just a quick heads-up on some weird interaction between 
> nautilus 2 and nvidia's new driver revision (4191).
> When using nautilus to draw the desktop, moving around windows, or 
> switching desktop is dog-slow (i'm talking seconds before a moved window 
> is redrawn)
> When killing nautilus, but leaving the desktop background, everything is 
> working as it should be again. Donno if any of the developers are 
> running nautilus 2.x.x and nvidia's binary drivers, if so, might be 
> worth taking a look whats going on. So far the only often heard 
> complaint about nvidia's new drivers is with interaction w/ nautilus 2.. 
> so either nautilus is doing something buggy, or triggers a bug in nvidia 
> drivers
> i verified this behaviour running CVS XFree86 & nautilus 2.1.4, but i 
> saw many reports from ppl running vanilla redhat 8.0 having the exact 
> same behaviour.

This is absolutely[1] not a nautilus bug. NVIDIA has long had a broken
RENDER implementation that affects the nautilus desktop drawing. It
doesn't happen on any other cards. You're lucky it doesn't completely
lock up your machine- that is what older versions of the NVIDIA drivers


[1] At least, the presumption of guilt has lain on them for a long time
(that's what happens when you ship binary-only crap) and I've seen
absolutely no evidence ever presented to refute that, like, say, reports
from non-nvidia owners of the same behavior.

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