Re: gnome-vfs usage of GConf vs threads - doh

On 11 Dec 2002, Michael Meeks wrote:

> > Are you saying you can ref a CORBA object with a guarantee of no 
> > roundtrip?
> 	Sure - due to the joy of having about 15 different types of ref and
> ways to take them ;-) it's possible to do a pure local ref on the
> immediate CORBA handle - which is what we do around the place in exactly
> this case.

WARNING! Complexity overload, head explosion imminent. :)
> > Yes. A lot of APIs (such as bonobo-activation and GConf) need to be 
> > extended so that you can pass in a POA to use.
> 	I imagine for GConf it'd be nicer to hide that internally so as not to
> pollute the API with CORBA-ness, and more simply expose the per thread
> event handling aspect of it by expanding the API slightly.

Ah, yeah, that makes more sense.

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