Re: libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 22, for 2.0.x application compatibility

<quote who="Bill Haneman">

> There are some important accessibility fixes going into libgnomeprintui
> HEAD; I am not clear on the implication of shipping 1.116.x since I
> don't know the version numbering very well.

Yikes, my mail wasn't very clear about this point -> we have the option to
ship the 1.116.x versions (which shipped with 2.0.x) alongside the
refactored 2.1.x versions already slated for inclusion in 2.2.

- Jeff

  "Ever since GNOME development began, I have urged people to aim to make   
   it as good as the Macintosh.  To try to be like Windows is to try for    
                      second-best." - Richard Stallman                      

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