Re: Improving user interaction with gconf

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 08:30:17PM +0000, MArk Finlay wrote: 
> My idea for how to do that is this: create a gconf-administrator program
> which is almost identicle to gconf-editor except that it can only be run
> by root and that it does not allow for the editing of any single user's
> keys. It would be used to edit manditory keys and schemas/defaults.

IIRC the main reason gconf-editor can't edit the mandatory/default
system config sources is just that Anders didn't understand at the
time that there were multiple sources and you needed to be able to
edit individual ones.
> My ideas for the gconf-administrator are more concrete, but I think that
> we should also do something major to improve the gconf-editor 



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