Re: applet iid alias

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> I renamed OAFIID:GNOME_NotificationAreaApplet from
> OAFIID:GNOME_SystemTrayAppplet - thus breaking existing
> panel configurations. Doh.

GNOME perspective - doesn't matter, the only people using the system tray
applet so far are testers, who can live with the breakage in the unstable

Red Hat perspective - woops, we shipped it again... ;-)

> Is there a way to make an alias? Without listing the applet twice in
> the applet menu?

Not sure. I'd be happy with a dirty break.

> As an aside, looking at the .server file - how come no one has noticed
> that the notification area still uses a battery for its icon. ;-)

I think it was so obvious that "surely someone knows about this..." ;-)

- Jeff

            "you misspelt 'world dominatrix'" - James Wilkinson             

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