Re: CD burning in gnome

You misunderstood me, I am not saying that nautilus should perform
the role of a backup tool, I am saying that gnome-vfs should treat
this xml file format just like say a tar archive. So in nautilus
if you did open up a CD session, it would be treated just like a folder.
when I said that nautilus would only add new files when you dragged
the files to it I just meant that nautilus would prompt you and say:
"File already exists" just like any other folder. More advanced
tools could use the gnome-vfs interface to this xml document and 
do complicated actions associated with backup tools, etc.


On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 02:23:08AM -0800, Loban A Rahman wrote:
> I disagree. Like the maintainer of gnome-vfs said - Nautilus and
> gnome-vfs should not attempt to be a backup or cd-burning application.
> It should just handle the basics of CD-R(W) - place files in a mounted
> burnable media, then initiate a burn upon unmounting. Anything estoric
> like storing the files saved and "updating them with only newer files"
> should be handled by a seperate application - in this case a backup
> tool.
> > On the gnome-vfs level, it also needs to understand the xml document aswell,
> > just like say a tar file, so you can save a CD you want to burn,
> > say you want to backup all your data to a CDRW every month, so you
> > open up a new CD session, drag the files you want into it and save it.
> > Then every month, you open up your xml CD document (which nautilus treats
> > just like a folder) and drag all the files
> > again, nautilus will add the new files to the xml document, then you save
> > the document. Right click on it and select burn, you could also
> > drag the cd document to the CD icon on the desktop and it would initiate
> > the burn. Then all other gnome CD applications could just use gnome-vfs
> > operations as if the xml document were a directory in itself.
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