Re: cd burning in gnome

VLC, and pretty much any other media/dvd player are very bad examples.
They don't really suffer from the problem you state, so much as that
they try to implement real-world interfaces in a 2D GUI. The main
problem is that there are way too many options to deal with, and most
of them are exposed at the topmost level of the GUI. The other issue
is that real-world interfaces don't translate to 2D very well. This is
because there is no tactile feedback from your LCD or CRT, and you can't
grab a knob and turn it to adjust the volume or other things like that.

-- dobey

On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 22:12, snickell stanford edu wrote:

> designed primarily to drive a graphical interface (look at video-lan for 
> a good example of a program that seems to suffer from this problem).

> -Seth

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