Re: Re-inventing Metatheme

On 27 Aug 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> A fundamental question I have looking at the mockup is where this fits
> in the Preferences menu and the desktop in general.
> i.e. we will not have an entry labeled "Metathemer" in the menus
> please. ;-) Before implementing this app, we need to know what it's
> labeled.
> I say this because to clean up the Preferences menu as we have, we've
> had to rearrange a lot of the control panels themselves and what's in
> them.
> I have every expectation that users would look for this functionality
> in the control panel labeled Theme, not in something weird called
> Metathemer.

Is there any reason this cannot be called just 'Theme' with the present
one relabled 'gtk+ theme' and moved top advanced preferences? After all,
what its real functionality presently is is to change the gtk+ theme. 

> Havoc


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