Re: Application names in menus

Hi Seth,

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 snickell stanford edu wrote:

> Actually, this interface is one of three I am exploring for this (and
> the most unorthodox). I was reminded of it by some shots of an OS/2
> widget that did this that Gregory showed me a couple months ago. It has

As a (former) OS/2 user I'd love to see this widget appear in GTK. :)

> > The big question still is, how to select the default application. This
> > might be something that has to be configurable (but please
> > preconfigured by the distro or site admin)
> We need to make this configurable anyway, if only for distributions.

Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but GNOME 1.x panel menu items can be
right clicked and the user can then select to put the launcher in the
panel, for instance. Why not include a context menu option to make a
launcher the default option in its submenu?



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