Re: A Violent Realisation [Was: Preferences]

<quote who="iain">

> We removed workspaces? I thought we'd removed viewports...
> Shows that some of us really have no clue what they are. Which is the one
> you can't drag windows between?

Heh. This really is silly, innit?

  We now call a subset of the features of the old Sawfish viewports and
  workspaces, 'workspaces'.

  The main missing feature of the two previous systems is the grid
  representation of desktop areas, navigable in those terms (ie. North,
  South, East, West, rather than just Next and Previous).

Regardless of how it's done, we need to understand what people are missing
on a feature-by-feature basis, not by the silly confusing terms we used to

- Jeff

                    The Unix Way: Everything is a file.                     
                 The Linux Way: Everything is a filesystem.                 

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