Re: Getting serious about releasing

> No way, gnome-session has had this bug (doesn't worked right if you
> run it inside an existing session) for the entire history of
> GNOME. ;-) Very few people have noticed. Most people don't even know
> how to run gnome-session from the command line.

gnome-session from the command line is the best part!

> If someone patches it sure, if they don't I'm willing to ship the
> GWeather properties dialog with broken help. We have much worse
> problems. e.g. GWeather parses the Yahoo weather site HTML and breaks
> every time Yahoo gets a cosmetic overhaul. ;-)

Yeah, this one is quite important and we've been discussing this quite a
lot within Sun. We [1] came up with the idea of having some sort of
libxslt/xpath solution and have gweather point to this file [on] instead of pointing to the actual Yahoo site. From an ARC
point of view, they get quite upset when things can break overnight with
no control over it. I think we'll be eventually looking at this one, but
more likely in the future.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] We = Sun, well actually Laca ;)

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