Re: Getting serious about releasing

On 23 Apr 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> If we plan to release in the next decade, it's time to punt bugs.  My
> professional opinion is that the current must-fix bugzilla query
> contains a whole lot of bugs that need punting in order to
> realistically make any release dates.


> Let's put this thing to bed...
> Havoc
> Not puntable:
> (There may be fast/expedient solutions here but we at least need to
> look at all these.)
> 78015: changing key beep volume doesn't work in keyboard capplet
> 78016: other keyboard bell options also broken
> 78013: xf86 calls used for keyboard capplet
>  (the above three are all the same basic task, rewrite 
>   link between settings daemon and keyboard settings on X server)

these three are nowhere near showstoper level that they wouldn't get
punted if the patch doesn't show up

> 72715: menu editing and vfolders mess

is it likely this will actually happen, whetever puntable or not?

> 79576: keybindings capplet not working properly

This is *SO* puntable - either the 'have emacs keybindings' crowd has
mostly died off in which case we don't need it, or a patch happens. Until
that time we probbaly shouldn't install it, though.

> 75938: should take out menu applet because it's broken

> 77502: "open with" doesn't open the capplet when it offers to
> 77275: panel crashes when dragging from "addtopanel->launcherfrommenu"
>        (just disable the silly feature)

appears to be fixed, you just get a stupoid looking error dialog about not
being able to write to disk. 

> 73769: can't delete folders in applications:///
>        (part of 72715)
> 73773: can't rename items in applications:///
>        (part of 72715)
> 73768: new folder in applications:/// gets broken name
>        (part of 72715)
> 73770: DND to applications:/// doesn't work
>         (part of 72715)

Do these need to work ? why not just punt it by making it read-only?

> 75150: automatic updating of menus doesn't work in panel

IMHO puntable, just leave the impression there is no such thing as
auto-updating. Then re-add in 2.0.1 or whenever.

> 79456: unreproduceable lack of cursor in gedit text view

this is reproducable, but so is bugzilla failing when trying to reopen.

> 52592: ghex -> add a view menu item does nothing
> 71456: ghex missing help in preferences dialog
> 76209: undo/redo broken in ghex
> 79158: no help contents in ghex

this is incredibly puntable just due to the mere fact that its in 5th toe
and not in the 2.0 desktop release. 

> 6771:  CD player applet broken for SCSI drives

> 77146: if you run gnome-session twice it blows up (don't do that then 
>        is good enough for 2.0.0)

if its still around its non-puntable and has too low priority, otherwise
needs to be closed

> 71571: gdialog has some broken options 
> 71570: gdialog has some other broken options 
> 74755: gdialog uses deprecated API
> 71569: gdialog has yet more broken options
>        (you know, for Red Hat 7.2 I just removed gdialog...)
> 71573: gdialog even more broken than heretofore reported

"remove and re-introduce after it has recieved appropriate amounts of
love" may be very well appropriate for gdialog. 

> 74408: typos in gnome-vfs hungarian translation

any "typos in X localisation" and "X localisation not done" should not
show up on a "nustfix" list on gnome 2.0 

> 78404: gstreamer installs out-of-prefix (only puntable since I don't
>        think gstreamer is part of gnome 2, is it? very broken though)

gstreamer bugs shouldn't be on this list at all 

> 75232: gtkhtml view in Nautilus crash
> 75387: Nautilus crash pressing escape while icon browser is loading
> 75120: Nautilus crash on startup (seems to be fixed, should close bug)

crashes aren't really puntable.

> 48423: dropping a file on the sidebar dups the file
> 75131: remove "reset background" from right-click desktop menu

so why not just remove the menu item (or close the bug)?

> 75614: Java toplevel frames are fucked up and broken and Sawfish
>        doesn't read its mind and make it work ;-)
> 77772: Sawfish capplet location wrong in ximian snaps, maybe 
>        in tarballs too, unknown

not puntable but appears fixed 

I snipped the individual ones, but "help" not working is not puntable. If
we don't have help for a spcific thing, then we should display a dialog
saying so. clicking on help needs to give an intelligent response.


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