Re: [Usability] 'Capplets' (was Re: background/font capplets)

On Fri, 2002-04-12 at 22:47, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> from a users perspective,
> the only way to use nautilus as the control center is to click
> start-here: from the desktop and than click on preferences. 

Actually, you can go there from any nautilus window by opening the "Go"
menu -> Start-here -> Preferences. Not intuitive either.
What really bugs me is that if you go Nautilus' "Edit" menu, there is
also a "Preferences" menu item which sports the same icon as both
Preferences submenu in the applications menu and "Go" menu -> Start-here
-> Preferences. However, it doesn't open the Gnome preferences (aka
Control Center), but the Nautilus preferences.
I think that's rather confusing. I would prefer to either
a.) Have Nautilus preferences and Gnome preferences accessible from the
same place (Control Center) or
b.) At least have a clear distinction between those two, i.e., "Edit"
menu -> /Nautilus/ preferences and "Go" menu -> Start-here -> /Gnome/
Preferences. And they should have different icons, too

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