Re: [Usability] Re: Control-center styles

I'm going to skip over most of your mail because I'm on a horrible
connection right now, but I have one part I need to comment on.

On 28Dec2001 01:07AM (-0600), Gregory Merchan wrote:
> And how many were not Mac designers or trained by the same? My choice is not
> peculiar. The concepts I'm presenting are consistent with those in the CUA,
> but I do not use the odd language that they use. (Maybe I should.)
> The CUA is the basis, to varying degrees, of Windows, CDE, and OS/2.
> Windows has legacy bits from the age of fullscreen console apps.
> CDE, at least recent versions, is almost right on.
> OS/2, coming from the same source, follows most closely.

It's hard to take you seriously when you present OS/2 and CDE as
paragons of proper UI design. Both systems are clunky, awkward, and
facing imminent exctinction. If there is anyone out there to copy,
it's Mac OS X and Windows XP (yes, I've tried it, and it's a
significant step forward for Windows).

I don't think most people care what system is the most perfect
embodiment of CUA, which is an archaic and not all that successful
model of UI design.

 - Maciej,

   who hopes he is administering a reality check and not just being
   needlessly cruel.

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