Re: [Deskbar] Flickr photo search plugin

On 06/mag/07, at 13:54, Raphaël Slinckx wrote:

As you may know, we don't really accept new plugins in the core
distribution, and rely instead on the user to download them on the
internet and install them manually. This is to reduce our maintaining
overhead. In the future, we hope this can be integrated with

I've looked at NewStuffManager, seems a very good idea (just like the Eclipse
software update facility if you know it).

You can put your handler in bugzilla if you wish, and/or link it in the
wiki page

Before going into Bugzilla, I would like to have an opinion about the handler functionality; yesterday I have extended the handler to create two kind of matches, one for Flickr and one for Google Images; is it better to create two separate handlers or to have a single one which
can search for images using multiple providers?

Fabio Corneti
info corneti com

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