[Deskbar] showing text for shortcut key

Hey All ~

You might have see that Big Board [1] is using the Deskbar applet to handle it's searching. We were going to look into patching it to display some light background text when unfocused. One thing I'd like to display to the user is the shortcut key, it helps people to learn what keys to use in order to access the deskbar. I also added the word "Search" in front of it to give another hint as to what the entry is for. See the attachment for the mockup. I think we might go with a little bit lighter text color, but that's the basic format. And the Ctrl-Backspace is just a large sample key phrase, I don't think that's the actual one we're going to use. :)

Like you see in a lot of web sites and applications the text would disappear when the entry was focused and reappear when the entry is unfocused with out any text left in it.

What do you guys think?

~ Bryan

[1] http://developer.mugshot.org/wiki/Big_Board

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