Re: [Deskbar] showing text for shortcut key

What do you guys think?

I like it, but then again, I seem to be in the minority of Deskbar
devs in that I prefer the "Entry in the Panel" UI over the "Button in
the Panel" one.

The original 0.1 version of Deskbar had this light gray text (without
the cool icon), as seen on the screenshot at: and there's still a
link to the 0.1 tarball from that page.

IIRC I actually set the entry's text and changed the text style or
color explicitly from black to gray, and it was somewhere between
trivial and tricky to get it exactly right so that I didn't end up
accidentally searching Google for "Search (Ctrl-Backspace)", for
example.  Corner cases with the "clear the text entry on focus" logic
like using tab to navigate around the panel, or using Ctrl-I to switch
to the IMDB search engine.  Or I might have easily just noticed the
problem and never bothered to fix it.

These days I'd probably just listen to an expose-event and paint the
text separately.

I can't remember the explicit reason why I took the gray text out for
later versions.  Maybe I was going for a less-is-more
whitespace-is-beautiful UI look.  Maybe it got technically difficult
when I migrated (briefly) to a SexyIconEntry.  Shrug.  :-)

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