[Deskbar] Deskbar Applet 0.8.0 Released

Hi !

Nigel, i posted a tarball here:

It has not been publicized, can you put it on sourceforge and do the
habitual release stuff ?

I also published a "draft" website:

I point to it in the wiki, where i removed redundant stuff.

I'll send the gnome inclusion mail to those who should be interested
(desktop-devel-list and release-team) and CC this list

Follows the NEWS announcement to be copy/pasted wherever needed (from
NEWS CVS file):

> ====================
> Deskbar Applet 0.8.0 --  No, it's not /written/ in C!
> ====================
> Changes:
> 	* Improve the regexes for mail and location detection. It is now possible to have user host but with the method specified, otherwise it's an email address. Add package config file to allow third parties to install handlers in the right place.
> 	* Add gnomevfs monitoring for module loader. That means drag and dropped handlers in the user or system handlers directory will be loaded, and automagically show in the prefs dialog, unenabled by default. We do not do anything on modification, because it would only be useful for developpers, and then developpers don't want handlers to autoupdate.
> 	* Add gnomevfs file monitoring to handlers that need it. Epiphany, Galeon, mozilla now reload on bookmark, history, search engines addition/removal. The gtkBookmarks are also reloaded when needed. Other handlers do not need this functionality
> 	* Speed-up the loading of the module by not loading the list of executables. Executables are instead "probed" at each query. Side effect, is that we don't need to reindex the $PATH when a new program is installed
> 	* Fix the previous fix to pass distcheck. Allow to use a development deskbar-applet with its own set of enabled handlers and priority, to not interfere with stable one. (Useful only for developpers)
> 	* Change the location of deskbar-applet launcher script, using /usr/libexec is deprecated. Fixes bug #319354
> 	* Cleanup the way we use icons. Whenever possible, use stock icons, removed duplicate icons we shipped in the tarball.
> 	* Add libbeagle python binding, and the associated beagle-live.py handler allowing to search with beagle from within deskbar. Add optional support for evolution/beagle with --enable arguments
> 	* Unify strings for browsers, use generic terms instead of applications names, all this is more user-friendly. Add a new string in applet.py
> 	* The glorious return of evolution addressbook handler. Fixed little bugs and threading issues in glue code, implemented the handler itself, and enjoy.
> 	* Add the Google Live Async handler, it has a little more requirements than other plugins and as such an UI to see error messages will be introduced, in the meantime it prints help file on stdout in the terminal, when an error occurs because of misconfiguration
> 	* Mess around with The Big Sucking Python Lock, hopefully fixes all the problems in the world, universe, and everything
> 	* Add timeout support for threaded async handlers
> 	* GNOME HIG changes: fix typo; fix border width; rephrase and move handler comment; fix a broken mnemonic.
> 	* Toggle sensitivity of the width label, spinner, and units when needed.
> 	* Add new files for translation, and use caracters instead of pixels for entry width
> 	* Handlers API rework, now a single file can have multiple handlers. HANDLER variable is exported containing the class name, and an info dictionary with name, description, and an optional requirements function, allowing to check if the handler can be loaded. As a side effect, browser handlers are now more fine grained, allowing to order independently bookmarks, history and search engines. The preference dialog is a bit bigger and has an extra blurb to hint the reordering prioritization.
> 	* Fix mozilla smart bookmarks parser
> 	* Add history parser for epiphany and galeon, in their respective handlers. Thanks to Crispin Flowerday <gnome flowerday cx>
> 	* More generic replacement of network places module, allows to open network places and various drives/volumes on the system
> 	* Fix the .desktop icon parsing
> 	* Preference dialog, it shows the avilable modules, and allow to enable/disable/sort the modules
> 	* Fixes bug #318869, add support for Galeon bookmarks.
> 	* Fixes macro `AM_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADERS' not found in library
> 	* Fixes bug #318720, mozilla smart bookmarks parser
> 	* Fix history menu, the item was always the first displayed. Fixes bug #318627
> 	* Fix case insensitive sorting
> Contributors to this release: Dennis Cranston, Raphael Slinckx, Philip Langdale, Nigel Tao, Funda Wang
> Translations:
> 	* Updated Japanese translation.
> 	* Added Simplified Chinese translation.
> 	* Added Japanese translation.
> Contributors to this release: Takeshi AIHANA, Funda Wang

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